Keeping Kids Safe

As personal security guards and consultants, our motto is safety first, and it should be yours. If you have a family, especially with young children, your role in life is to protect your wife and kids. Parents often forget to do essential things around the house and property that can cause accidents. I have known them to leave pool gates open or not tether patio furniture to a wall (because on windy days they can fall right over on an innocent child enjoying a game of cards on the ground). You have to think ahead and place barrier removable gates where it matters such as the top of the staircase in your house.

If you have a balcony nears the kids’ rooms, make sure the bottom area is sealed off if it consists of open columns. If you have a basement door and dangerous liquids stored in the cool depths, you must keep it locked at all times. A gun safe is not safe if you leave it open. Don’t even think about cleaning guns in front of offspring. A child’s car seat never gets the attention it deserves. If the strap is broken, the child may fall forward after a sudden stop. If this scares you, it is meant to. Perhaps fear will make parents come alive and address danger in their midst.

I remember a sad day when a neighboring family trampoline came loose and the jumping child was injured. He had to go to the emergency room, all because the device had not been properly anchored to the ground. You may install it securely when you first buy it, but over time, it can break. Fortunately, the child was not seriously hurt, but it was a painful and bloody sight. Mom was in a panic and dad was ridden with guilt. Save yourself a lot of grief and make the rounds of your house and yard. Don’t forget the backyard shed and the adjacent garage. Don’t keep ladders to the roof within reach of errant little feet. Kids like to explore and don’t realize the risk involved. Maybe they envision tossing a ball over the edge to the ground. Remove any and all household temptations.

We often consult with new parents about child-proofing their homes, but we find that experienced couples are just as much at fault when it comes to overlooking danger situations. They may have done some preliminary groundwork when their first child was born, but over time things change and they need to update. They forget to put screens on windows or keep upstairs openings locked. They keep toxic cleansers in the bathroom and under the kitchen sink. It doesn’t matter if you think they have safety caps. They can come loose with use. If your child shows interest in playing chef, now is the time to give a lesson on keeping away from the stove. Last but not least, protecting pets is important and should be considered when contemplating a safety check of your home.

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