Rick’s the Handy One

Now that Rick is retired from his military career, he has a lot more time at home. It’s a good thing he is the handy one in our duo. I have tried my luck with various projects with only modest success. Some people just have the gift. He is a true “jack of all trades.” Have a look at his garage and you will see. He converted it into a combo workspace and man cave. I am more than envious. He has everything in there to entertain himself and/or his buds for hours. Of course, a giant plasma TV screen dominates the “room.” It is strategically placed in front of a couple of movable club chairs. Comfort is of the essence when it comes to a home entertainment center. He installed this one entirely himself so it has a bit of this and that. If he found a bargain on a speaker for his sound system, it would find its place even if it was an off brand.

What would a man cave be without a mini-fridge or wine cooler—or both? My ideal space would have a place for both beer and wine. Storage would be adequate but not overwhelming because I would need a shelf for my video collection and assorted books. Yes, I am one of those who still reads tangible paperbacks. E-books are a second choice. Nonetheless, I have my particular requirements. Rick has his. He has sports memorabilia decorating his walls. A big football trophy sits on the countertop of the makeshift kitchen. It is not to show off but for himself. We all treasure our memories of years gone by—even those of us who are still young. Speaking of age, we are still in our prime and enjoy working out at home. My man cave has a stationary bicycle while Rick’s has a treadmill in one corner with a clear view of the movable TV screen. He still goes to the gym with me, but there are times when it is best to stay at home, close to the fridge and cupboard of snacks.

Last but not least, Rick installed a large ceiling fan from here to keep the man cave cool. The circulating air also helps the air to remain reasonably fresh so that on very hot or cold days, he doesn’t have to open the garage door. Privacy is of the essence in one’s personal domain. Handy man that he is, it was an easy job to place the fan in the center of the ceiling. It operates on a remote control that includes a speed regulator and a dimmer for the central light fixture. When it is on low, it gives a quiet evening ambiance to the space. It is great for a contemplative mood. When Rick and his friends are rowdy, the light goes on full force. Maybe I can talk him into coming over and installing a similar fan for my man cave. Mmmmm….

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