Why We Take This So Seriously

When we were younger, our house was robbed. While our parents suffered the loss more acutely from a property and valuables perspective, our sense of safety and security was irreparably damaged. We were not the ones on the phone with the insurance company or the police day in and day out, but we were victims just the same as our parents. Our rooms were not spared by the thieves’ desperate search, and those prized possessions—our toys and games—were strewn everywhere. Many either were unsalvageable or did not provide the same joy and comfort, so they were lost to us either way. A home invasion is traumatic for anyone, but for a child with a limited understanding of the world, it can be earth-shattering.

While we both decided that we were never going to be victims like that again, we chose different paths. Rick endeared himself to the police officers assigned to help our parents, and through them, he grew to love the idea of serving the public. When he was old enough, he enlisted in the military and was assigned to a military police unit. I decided that instead of going after the bad guys, I was going to try to beat them at their own game. Build a better mousetrap, if you will. I would develop my own anti-theft systems and alarms. It was a little too Home Alone for my parents at times, but they understood where my need for protection came from. As I got older, my devices became more elaborate and effective, and less hazardous to my mom’s rugs.

Before Rick and I knew it, we were adults with careers in the security business. If there was ever a silver lining to something difficult, that would have to be it. As awful as the situation was, we know that it gives us a better perspective for our clients and what they are going through. We both still remember that awful feeling when we opened the front door and saw the mess the burglars had left behind. I don’t think I will ever be able to get my mother’s horrified expression or my father’s anger out of my head. It is the reason I had an alarm system installed in my home before I even moved in. It’s why we offer our clients the same services we would want for our own families.

The police never did catch whoever robbed our parents’ house when we were young, although it was not for lack of trying. Unfortunately, that’s the way things are sometimes. They were able to recover one of my mother’s rings, which was likely dropped when the perpetrators were fleeing from our house, but it was the only thing we ever got back. We want to be able to put a happier ending and the end of stories like these for our clients.

That’s why we take this so seriously.

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